“WAKE UP: Music Student = Future Business Owner”

Hi All,

I am honored to follow in the footsteps of wonderful colleagues in sharing business tips with the next generation of musicians (aka business owners!) in writing as a guest blogger for Verne Q. Powell Flute Company’s “Teach Flute” Blog.

Link —>  “WAKE UP: Music Student = Future Business Owner” 



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Board Member of the NY Flute Club


I am honored to be a new board member of the NY Flute Club; a 94 year old organization started by the famous flutist Georges Barrere in 1920.

Part of my mission as an artist is to cultivate a joyous sense of community among performers of all levels and music lovers.  This new adventure absolutely falls in line with my mission and has been a great experience so far!

Article featuring me in the NY Flute Club November Newsletter Page 3 –>  NY Flute Club Nov Newsletter

All are Welcome to the NY Flute Club Concerts!  www.NYFluteClub.org


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Project “Blogs On You” by Cochlea Freedom Ensemble

Brief Description of the Philosophy of Cochlea Freedom Ensemble’s Project “Blogs on You”:

“A project where thinking twice is not permitted. Self-doubt is useless. Imperfection is perfect. The muse cannot make a mistake.
Your creation is yours… – learn to dig it.  – and BLOG it!” 

My spontaneous creations have evolved into a series of concerts in my house (kitchen, living room) of which do not include me playing flute, but do include me singing, dancing, beatoboxing, and playing homemade percussion! haha :0)

IT’s Been Completely Liberating!

For more experimental blogs by members of Cochlea Freedom Ensemble, enjoy here.

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