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Sound Meets Sound Podcast

By Meg Wilhoite

Interview by Meg Wilhoite

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My Music on Youtube :0)

This summer I had the most wonderful experience performing my music at Cafe Vivaldi, NYC with a group I am a part of called COCHLEA FREEDOM ENSEMBLE!  For this show we had –> Kjersti Kveli, voice/  Brian Questa, Bass/ & Nicole Camacho (ME!), Flutes    We are all composers/ improvisors and took the opportunity to perform each others compositions for this concert.

“Carinaesque” is a piece of music I wrote for my cousin, Carina!  I hope you enjoy!

Kjersti Kveli, left/ Brian Questa, Center/ ME, Right :0)

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My First Hip Hop Music Video Experience

Bucktown USA:  “Slow Rhythms” Artist: Jewels featuring Camacho / Produced by:  Cynical Smith and General Steele

Really proud to work with the Bucktown family!  The same kind of connection and chemistry that an amazing jazz/ classical chamber ensemble has is what this hip hop family shares with the world.  SALUTE!



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