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My First Subway Playing Experience! for the project “ThruLine”


“ThruLine”  by James Holt, MATA, The Knights, and Make Music New York

A Project where JS Bach’s Cello Suite in G Major was played by 18 cellos, 2 fl, 1 bass cl, 8 vln, 2 vla, 1 trumpet, 1 accordion, 1 bass, and a saxophone occupied 34 F-train platforms 7-8pm yesterday (December 21, 2011). :0)  I was at Avenue I in Brooklyn.

This photo is compliments of a tweet by a passer by who loved the project!

Click here for a great video of some of my fellow musicians playing :0)

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Recording Session for Armenian-American Composer, Mary Kouyoumdjian

“Dzov Yerku Kooynov [Sea of Two Colors]”

“Sea of Two Colors” is quite a beautiful piece of music!  Happy to record with my colleagues in the new group “Hotel Elefant” :0)


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Arctic Dreams by Christos Hatzis

Here is a video of a special piece I played with percussionist, Clara Warnaar.  It also includes a cd part which we played with the whole time.  The piece is called Arctic Dreams by Christos Hatzis.

The electronic music in the beginning of video was composed by Brian Haller.  Clara and Brian put this recital together in a way where there were electronic interludes instead of clapping by the audience in between pieces.  Also it was kept dark in the room until the performers turned on the music stand lights.  It was really effective!


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