Project “Blogs On You” by Cochlea Freedom Ensemble

Brief Description of the Philosophy of Cochlea Freedom Ensemble’s Project “Blogs on You”:

“A project where thinking twice is not permitted. Self-doubt is useless. Imperfection is perfect. The muse cannot make a mistake.
Your creation is yours… – learn to dig it.  – and BLOG it!” 

My spontaneous creations have evolved into a series of concerts in my house (kitchen, living room) of which do not include me playing flute, but do include me singing, dancing, beatoboxing, and playing homemade percussion! haha :0)

IT’s Been Completely Liberating!

For more experimental blogs by members of Cochlea Freedom Ensemble, enjoy here.

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Avant Music Festival + John Cage + NY Times Mention


I had the honor of performing composer, John Cage’s “Apartment House 1776” for the 10th Anniversary of Avant Media in the annual Avant Music Festival.  In addition to receiving my first NY Times mention as a result of this incredible project, I got to meet and perform with Matoaka Little Eagle.  Her family has a history with the composition “Apartment House 1776”, which started with her father, Swift Eagle, who was in the original debut performance in 1976.  To hear her beautiful words about John Cage as someone who knew him personally in addition to this magical performance is something I will forever treasure.

Here goes our write up in the NY Times!  Read.  Enjoy.

I LOVE this article by Brian Questa, a fellow performer in this Avant Music Festival Performance of “Apartment House 1776”.  It really describes so well our experience on stage!  Read. Enjoy.

For more info about Avant Music Festival, click here.



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My Music on Youtube :0)

This summer I had the most wonderful experience performing my music at Cafe Vivaldi, NYC with a group I am a part of called COCHLEA FREEDOM ENSEMBLE!  For this show we had –> Kjersti Kveli, voice/  Brian Questa, Bass/ & Nicole Camacho (ME!), Flutes    We are all composers/ improvisors and took the opportunity to perform each others compositions for this concert.

“Carinaesque” is a piece of music I wrote for my cousin, Carina!  I hope you enjoy!

Kjersti Kveli, left/ Brian Questa, Center/ ME, Right :0)

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