New York based Flutist, composer, and improviser, Nicole Camacho is creating a name for herself as an eclectic musician via vibrant premieres of composers’ works, performing in the world of popular music, involving an element of multi-media in her solo performances, and composing new flute works with a language all her own.  Born and raised in Long Island with a Puerto Rican heritage, she has taken her classical upbringing and turned it upside down in creating experimental music with Cochlea Freedom Ensemble and The Nicole Camacho Ensemble in addition to collaborating with composers such as Andy Akiho, David Utzinger, and Ronen Shai who like her strive to mix and blur the lines between musical genres.

Pulling, the sister art form of music into a big part of her work, she is an avid improviser for dancers and has collaborated with choreographer Stormy Brandenburg, been guest artist for the Hallo Hallo Dance company as a composer/performer, and has had her composition “Tiki Tiki” for percussive alto flute choreographed by Megan Shaw.  Along with embracing this world of dance, Ms. Camacho’s need to embrace folk and rock forms of music led her to join “The Kjersti Kveli Group” led by folk singer/ songwriter Kjersti Kveli and perform as a guest with an experimental rock/ soul band called Mutha Wit led by Boston Fielder.

Ms. Camacho carries with her a passion for music education and has linked this with her love for performance through educational outreach primarily in New York. In addition to sharing her flute music with students of all ages in the burrows of New York, Ms. Camacho is founder of a concert series/ arts-in-education organization in Long Island called Music Unboxed which is dedicated to the development of a concert scene in Long Island as well as serving as a platform for the intermix of professional and novice performers. Ms. Camacho enjoys teaching her own private flute students during the year in Long Island, NY and is a coach at Stony Brook University for their Community Music Program’s “Chamber Music Workshop”, which is designed for adult amateur musicians. 

Ms. Camacho holds a masters degree as part of the first class in the Manhattan School of Music’s program in Contemporary Performance and a bachelors degree in Music Education from Hofstra University in Long Island.

Photographer:  Kyle Pompey

Contact me below for more info on :

  • Booking for a performance
  • Teaching sessions
  • Concert Series “Music Unboxed”

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